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Oct 29, 2010


Minna salam and ohayo~

It's been a long time I haven't
post anything, so anyway~
today I'll be talkin about 'Last Alliance'
I've known this band since I heard their
song, in a anime 'Ouran High Host Club'
ending song 'Shissou'

OokamiValkire's video, NOT MINE!

Last Alliance have four guys in the band. Website Last Alliance website

  • Ryusuke Anzai (安斉龍介 Anzai Ryūsuke?) (vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • Takahiko Matsumara (松村孝彦 Matsumara Takahiko?) (vocals, bass)
  • Shingo Sano (佐野森吾 Sano Shingo?) (lead guitar)
  • Hiroshi Ozawa (小澤浩史 Ozawa Hiroshi?) (drums)

Most of thier songs is rock and great sounds
I become a fan after hearing 'Shissou'
and now am still in processing on listening
all of the songs~

their album like 

1st album-TEARS LIBRARY 

  1. BOYS DON'T CRY - 3:57
  3. Itsuwari no Orange (偽りのオレンジ?, "Orange of Lies") - 3:59
  4. LAST ALLIANCE - 1:51
  5. REBEL FIRE - 2:22
  6. beautiful - 0:48
  7. Planetarium (プラネタリウム Puranetariamu?) - 3:10
  8. SEE YOU AGAIN - 2:54
  9. SKY IS CRYING - 3:36
  10. Hidarimuki (ヒダリムキ?, "Facing Left") - 4:22
  11. EQUAL REASON - 4:27


  1. South Wind Knows - 3:44
  2. CLONE - 4:12
  3. Solitude (ソリチュード Sorichūdo?) - 5:06
  4. Filter (フィルター Firutā?) - 4:06
  5. One Hot Second - 3:45
  6. Muso Jidai (夢想時代?, "Dream Age") - 4:29
  7. urge - 3:34
  9. Jiku Trip (時空 TRIP?, "Space-Time Trip") - 5:38
  10. Okizari Ace (置き去りエース?, "Desertion Ace") - 3:41
  11. Lucky Luciano ni Utareru Mae ni (ラッキー・ルチアーノに射たれる前に?, "After Lucky Luciano Shot Me") - 3:31
  12. TRUTH IN MY ARMS - 3:40
  13. Tadayou Yugure ni, Kiete Yuku Hibi (漂う夕暮れに、消えてゆく日々?, "Drifting in the Evening, Disappearing Every Day") - 6:10
  14. Letter - 3:58

3rd album-Me and Your Borderline

  1. Break a mirror - 4:35
  3. Shissou (疾走?, "Sprint") - 3:54
  4. Akai Hana (赤い花?, "Red Flower") - 4:25
  5. Amy Syndrome (エイミーシンドローム Eimi Shindorōmu?) - 4:22
  6. Oto no Nai Sekai (音の無い世界?, "A World Without Sound") - 4:18
  7. SPIRAL WORLD - 3:40
  8. Zenmai (ゼンマイ?, "Spring") - 4:26
  9. Gray End - 5:31
  10. FANTASIA - 4:21
  11. Lie of Eternity, Paint It Blue - 4:32
  12. Prometheus (プロメテウス Purometeusu?) - 3:48
  13. Sharing Sky (シェアリングスカイ Shearingu Sukai?) - 3:57
  14. Jōka (浄化?, "Purification") - 5:13

4th album-the sum

  1. Change by 1 - 3:05
  2. Proud of Scar - 2:05
  3. Mujuryoku Oneway Shuttle (無重力 ONEWAY SHUTTLE?, "Zero-Gravity Oneway Shuttle") - 4:18
  4. Sabaku to Gensou (砂漠と幻想?, "Desert and Illusions") - 3:36
  5. Katahiza no Yogore (片膝の汚れ?, "Dirty Knee") - 3:20
  6. PERFECT GAME - 4:30
  7. Yureta Byoshin (揺れた秒針?, "Second Hand Swaying")- 4:48
  8. Lonesome World (ロンサムワールド Ronsamu Wārudo?) - 4:15
  9. Drag On - 4:33
  10. WORLD IS MINE - 3:55
  11. Ameagari ni Graffiti (雨上がりにグラフィティ?, "Graffiti After the Rain") - 4:47
  12. Gunjo Kurage (群青海月?, "Ultramarine Medusa") - 4:26

5th album-DAZE & HOPE

  1. Shissou (疾走?, "Sprint") - 3:55
  2. Fly again, hero - 3:28
  3. Itto Ryodan (一刀旅団?, "One-Sword Brigade") - 0:25
  4. One Drop of Tear - 3:32

6th album-Signal 004

  1. Drag On - 4:39
  2. Aoi Juusou (蒼い銃創?, "Blue Gunwounds") - 4:08
  3. Mafuyu no Semi (真冬の蝉?, "Midwinter Cicada") - 4:29

7th album-Always in My Heart

  1. Katahiza no Yogore (片膝の汚れ?, "Dirty Knee") - 3:18
  2. I.O.J.F.K (intro) - 1:07
  3. I.O.J.F.K - 3:28

8th album-new dawn 

  1. HEKIREKI - 4:09
  2. My Idea - 3:46
  3. Rashin (羅針?, "Compass")- 4:25
original info of Last Alliance from wikipedia.Last Alliance
dewa dewa minna-san


Aug 22, 2010

actually not my last~

Minna salam and konbawa~

it's been a while~ do you miss me? lol
now that I have two blogs~
and I haven't update this blog, since
I had my exam, but now my exam is already
finished~YEA!! XD

it's a week I have my fasting~
and my weight is going down
well just a little bit, it's a effort
my June exam results is out
and the outcome...not really good (-=-)
I dunno how to tell parents..but
sooner or later my parents will know

which makes me really nervous
and I know my parents will scold me...
so I have to do well in my oct/nov O level exam
wow~ am so unlucky, sigh~

also my maths test gone really bad too
I mean I did well during my mid-year
but my qualifying was really hard
but I shouldn't use the term "hard" cause
there's no such thing is "hard" so I must study hard~

but right now am still thinking about my results....

dewa dewa minna-san


Jun 14, 2010

Moving out

Minna assalamulaikum and ohayo

am moving out to my new home

this is my address!~

I welcome you guys~(^-^)


Jun 12, 2010

Walkaton at Lumut

minna assalamualaikum and konchiwa

ano nee, I just got back from the walkaton
I went there with my family, I was pretty shock
cause the people are waiting for us
cause dad was the guest of honor, and by entrance
they open the door for us, nice~

and I upload some pictures~:D

this is went we all start walking~WALK!

the place was really quiet, my guess lots still in their beds

the weather seems fine~so blue~(^-^)

the people are walking~

when ever I pass by, I saw the same flower, that's the flower

there's a jog sign~

all we do is walking and  rockin~(lol)

it seems it's going to rain soon (O.O)

then they given out drinks~thirsty~

dewa dewa ja minna-san


Jun 11, 2010

is it 3 days more?

minna assalamualaikum and konbawa~

I miss them so much~
I will meet them soon~
this 14th~
everyone will be there!! and
I hope I won't be crying

cause I'll be...blush all over..
wah~am blushing already~lol
tambah lg mereh muka ku~

dewa dewa minna mata ne~


Jun 9, 2010

YUI good-bye days

minna assalamualaikum and konbawa

just a while I read my friend's post
it about "taiyou no uta (drama)"
then I remembered, the time I watched
taiyou no uta (movie) I cried watching~
then I remembered YUI song good-bye days..


Konbawa desu~

Minna assalamualaikum and konbawa~

it's been so long~
I haven't post anything since
hm..since, the last time I posted (lol)
I've been busy, with studying, exams, chores
so I haven't have time to post anything..
and I was totally blank, I mean can't think
of anything~


now it's school holiday~
and um so lots thing I want to do!
first! I want to meet my friends!!
man I miss them dearly~
just a while ago I check aca blog
she replied, "...on the 14th"
means hang out somewhere~~!! XD

but I dunno where the location??
aca told me zee send something at
my inbox in facebook, but..
I rarely open it anymore~
I decided to delete it~
sorry guys~(;_;) I guess it's hard for
me to contact them except using msg
and call through phones, right?

and the 18th
am going somewhere again~
I told my mum already about it!
if I told her about qilah is taking
me somewhere with the others
she don't have to worry, myb
cause of transport? mum no need
to send me~ relax mummy (-.-~)

oya oya

school uniform needs to be iron
soon as possible!!
so that I don't need to worry when's
it comes for open school~ kya~XD

but not now~ it's already late
and am still on the laptop~
get it? "still on the laptop" lol
I crack myself up! haha

o and my homework needs to be done
it's not much~ just Bio paper 2
just one paper~ and BM that I haven't
finished but 'cher decided
it to be a homework instead~

I shorten teacher to cher

anyways minna~ gtg

ja ja mata nee


May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday MUM!

Minna assalamualaikum

today is my mum's b'day!
happy birthday mum!
have a healthy year mum!!

um sorry for the late delay..(--")

dewa dewa ayusumi-nasai!